My Birthday

Author: Julia Krystine // Category:
My birthday was all about food. In the morning I was craving pumpkin pancakes. Well, that fell through. So I had scrambled eggs wiht spinach and cheddar. Lunch was Pei Wei. Dinner is the kicker. Il Fornio in irvine. I ordered a pasta dish with pink sauce and bacon. How amazing it that. Jon got a mushroom and tomato risotto. He loved it all.

For dessert...
There is a bakery by our house called Let Them Eat Cake. They have the best dessert. No joke. So, my brother and I went there earlier in the day and picked up a khalua brownie cheesecake piece and a chocolate chip, coconut shortbread cookie. We saved them for after dinner. Holy cow, amazing!

My present was an espresso machine. Everything in my life involves or revolves around food. It is not pathetic, unless you aren't me. Then it might be.